Choose the correct UPVC windows

There are many different variations of UPVC window and doors on the market. It is important to know that the difference between them. Some manufactures with fail to have the frames supported of fitted with with the correct filling. This tends to make a difference on the price. The most secure filling woud be galvanised steel renforced within the window it self. The frame should be thicker and a minimal of 65mm to 70mm as standard. Glass should be A rating and double glased. For other options the glass can be laminated as this is an extra security option.  All doors should have multiple locking system, claw bolts, hook bolts, shoot bolts. Windows should have locking bolts upwards and downwards and rollers along the side. Always ask plenty of questions to gain the most uptodate knowledge of all products as it tends to be to late after the event.

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