Commercial Door Closers Dublin

In recent times we have being getting a large number of calls to repair over head door closers and under floor door closers on aluminium and wooden doors.

Commercial Door Closers Dublin
Commercial Door Closers Dublin

Possible problems that occur with the door closers are as follows:

  • Door will close too fast and bang off frame
  • Door closer will have oil leaking form it
  • After adjusting door closer it will only work correctly for a short time
  • Door swings past its central point and does not meet in the middle as it did before
  • Above listed problems would indicate that the door closer would need replacing.
  • Other possible problems are
  • The arm could be worn or needs replacing which keeps the door in line on the top
  • The shoe is on the bottom of the door this keeps the door in line on the bottom
Window supply, fit and repair door closers to all types of doors.