7 Reasons why Glass can break

A regular question that a customer will ask is why a window will crack or all of a sudden shatter. This can happen for many reasons and listed below are 7 of the most popular reasons that we have come accross

1/ General accident caused by something making impact with the glass causing it to smash, shatter or crack.

2/ Poor installation. This can cause the glass to crack over time.

3/ Hairline crack. This can be caused from when the glass was being cut and would be too fine for the glazier to see or during installation or while in transit.

4/ The size of the glass is simply too tight within its frame causing it to crack.

5/ There can simply be too much heat within a room. Example would be a sun room. Glass will expand and contract.

6/ Hot water pored onto cold glass will crack glass.

7/ The thickness of the glass is not suitable for the installation in which it was intended for.

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