Christ Church Cathedral

Church service for locksmiths

Locksmiths got called to a locksmith job in Dublin Christ Church Cathedral, we arrived about 20 minutes later it was a church in which required locksmith services, the locksmith was asked to remove his shoes and wear a turban on his head to respect the church while he was working in the church, The Locksmith engineer was more than happy to abide by the requests and took. pride in the lock repair job that he was doing while surrounded by the church goers,  some of the church goers were taking pictures of him in the turban and following him around as they thought it was amusing.

The head of the church thanked the locksmith for obliging with the rules and regulations of there church and thanked the locksmith engineer for a job well done and all was well. The Engineer thanked the head of the church for being so Hospitable and churchgoers and would be happy to Oblige in the Future. The locksmith removed his turban/ headgear and Handed it back. It was a Pleasure to Facilitate and Oblige there religion. provide locksmiths throughout Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Cork, Carlow, Killkenny and Meath